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here is a new alternative to privoxy solution (which is great btw), which allows to have an adblock script which can be used on google chrome, opera or firefox. there is a nice how-to here. and you can find the official site here. it is called adsweep, and it uses javascript to filter ads on sites you visit.

firefox tip

firefox is a very good browser. after all the bantchmarks and preformance tests, one of his unrivalled strength points, is the add-on ability. sometime we forget it has also a great build-in cutomization ability availble for the end user. recently i found this firefox 3 feature that i use a lot.

i use firefox url address bar for custom search, e.g. i have already defined:

g	google search
b	babylon translation
gs	google search on specific site
gc	google code search
gd	google define

i know you can use the little search box on the upper right corner, but it is so small… but why can’t i use the big address bar ?? well, the answer – yes is i can :) and i’ll show you how.

for example if i want to simply do a google search. i go to the address bar (quick access: ctrl+l), and i type: g something in my mind

well, ok, so? so i am surfing this blog, and i want to search the term ‘erlang’, and there is no build in search on this site, or i just prefer to use google search, again i go to the address bar, i add ‘gs’ and space before the url, and i add the term on the end of it, again separated by space: gs https://virtual-clouds.com/ erlang


how do i do that? on firefox 3 you can add keyword to bookmarks, all you need to do is to open the bookmarks menu, and then click organize bookmarks. there, for each bookmark, there is additional data at the bottom, press the ‘more’ button, and few additional options will appear. the one that interests us right now is the ‘keyword’, here you put your desired shortcut (e.g. g for google). moreover, on the ‘location’ you can add the rest of the address bar contents as %s.

so, here is the above shortcuts keywords and locations:

gsgoogle ’site:’http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3A%s
gcgoogle code searchhttp://www.google.com/codesearch?q=%s
gdgoogle ‘define:’http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3A%s
bbabylon translationhttp://search.babylon.com/web/%s?babsrc=client

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