today i stumbled upon google new internet browser, chrome, again. once, when it first went out, i tried it, and left it, because i felt firefox it pretty good for me. but today i found an interesting comic page that describe the main idea behind it. well, the comic presentation is great, and the ideas are great, so i decided to give it a try once again. first thing i felt, is the lack of my firefox add-ons, my foxmarks to sync bookmarks across computers, at work and at home, the adblock which saves me from epileptic sites, ‘copy and go’, greasemonkey, etc.

sure, i can live without few of them, but adblock and bookmark sync are must. luckily i was glad to see there is a nice solution for the adblock, see

by the way, if google don’t want to loose their adsense business with their own browser, they should supply or support an adblock plugin. because the solution above remove all ads from the page, while the firefox plugin is more delicate and customizable, which allows the user to disable only irritating ads.

overall, the browser is very fast, and quite nice actually. it is nice to see companies and groups bold enough to enter into a very saturated area, and change the rules. that what microsoft did with internet explorer 3 and above to netscape (who remember them today?), that what firefox did to ie, and now it is interesting to see a true change to this whole field of browsers.

a great page presenting some of the tweaks availble for google chrome can be found here.

on less functional level, one can ask himself, where does it go. well, staying on the technological level, rahter on the theological, i read a lot on the web about the cloud computing. an article by Steve Balmer, another opinion about google chrome and android, just search for ‘cloud google chrome‘ and there are plentty of them.

each and his own imagination, i just hope we will not wake up from a dream of open source, free applications, into an admition fee based server-barred-services reality.